Messages from the Sea soundscape

BBC Radio Ulster’s Stephen McCauley has created a soundscape inspired by Messages from the Sea. As part of the Soundscapes programme, which combines contemporary classical, electronica, ambient and acoustic music with bespoke field recordings, Stephen put a message in a bottle and threw it into the sea from a beach in north Donegal. His recordings, accompanied by readings from the Messages from the Sea book, make up the soundscape.

You can listen to the soundscape via BBC iPlayer using the link below. The soundscape starts from around 20 minutes in. The programme is available until 2 December 2016.

Soundscapes with Stephen McCauley 02/11/2016 on BBC iPlayer

Earlier, during his afternoon show, Stephen spoke to Messages from the Sea’s Paul Brown. You can listen via the interview via BBC iPlayer, starting around 40 minutes in, and available until 2 December 2016.

Stephen McCauley afternoon show 02/11/2016 on BBC iPlayer

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